Big Book White Board Easels

Sell on the web from between $80 to $300. Actual cost $40

By Steve Kroeger © 2005

Materials needed:
(2) 10' 2" x 4" cut in half (optional: one end of each leg cut at 15 degrees)
(1) 4' x 8' white board (cut 30")
(1) 2' x 4' brown board
(1) 2' x 4' white hook board
(2) 30" 1" x 2" ledges (no lips, it tears the pages)
(2) one-set of saw horse hinges
(2) Clamps
(4) Eye hooks
(2) 20" framing wire & electric tape
(48) 1" dry wall wood screws
(12) 3" dry wall wood screws

Tools needed:
♦ Ruler
♦ Level
♦ Drill
♦ Drill bits (3/16", screw driver, inset bit)
♦ Sand paper (100 grit)

Make 15 degree cuts on the bottom of each 5 foot leg to increase surface contact (optional). Insert legs into Saw horse hinges. Be sure the 15 degree cuts form a peak ^. Screw together. Screw on both 2' x 4' boardsright under the metal edge of the saw horse hinges on each side of the A-Frame. The board with holes is the back side. About 30" down, on the inside of the A-frame, screw in eye hooks, and thread with wire to maintain the A-frame distance you prefer. I initially put a 2 x 4 in the top of the saw horse hinges to help set the best leg spread distance. Use inset bit on white board holes.

Screw on the white board, leaving 3" over each side. Pre-drill 2-3 holes and insets in ledges to create a 2" ledge. Attach ledges to the leg placements. First ledge is 32" from the top of the white board, and the other ledge is at the bottom of the white board. Screw in one side of the ledge, place a level on ledge, even it out and drill the other side. I placed a bit of wood glue between the white board and the brown board at the top, clamped them and let it dry. That's it, decorate and enjoy! SK