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Boeing/Stearman Model 75/PT-17A
"In 1939 Boeing bought Stearman Aircraft, and as a result acquired the excellent Model 75 developed by Stearman from the X-70 first flown in December 1933. The U.S. Navy had taken 61 of the Model 73 production type with the designation NS-1, and development had then led to the Model 75 accepted by the U.S. Army as the PT-13 with the 160 kW (215 hp) Lycoming R-680-5 radial.

These 26 aircraft were just the beginning of a major development and production program. Further evolution led to 92 PT-13As with the 164 kW (220 hp) R-680-7 engine and improved instrumentation, 255 PT-13Bs with the R-680-11 engine, and six PT-13Cs with night-flying instrumentation. A change was then made to the 164 kW Continental R-670-5 radial for the PT-17, of which 3,510 were built in 1940. Specialist versions were the 18 blind-flying PT-17As and three pest-control PT-17Bs. The navy also operated the Model 75 as the N2S, and this series included 250 N2S-1s with the R-670-14 engine, 125 N2S-2s with the R-680-8 engine, 1,875 N2S-3s with the R-670-4, and 1,051 N2S-4s with the R-670-5 engine. Then came a common army/navy model produced as 318 PT-13Ds and 1,450 N2S-5s with the R-680-17 engine. Variants with Jacobs R-755-7 radials were designated PT-18 and, in the blind-flying role, PT-18A.

Some 300 aircraft supplied to Canada were designated PT-27 by the U.S.A. but were called Kaydet in the receiving country. This name is usually gives to all Model 75 variants."

Boeing/Stearman PT-17A
Role: Basic Trainer
Crew/Accommodation: Two
Power Plant: One 220 hp Continental
R-670-5 air-cooled radial
Dimensions: Span 9.8 m (32.16 ft);
length 7.32 m (24.02 ft); wing area 27.63 m2 (297.4 sq ft)
Weight: Empty 878 kg (1,936 lb); MTOW 1,232 kg (2,717 lb)
Performance: Maximum speed 200km/h (124 mph) at sea level; operational ceiling 3,414 m (11,200 ft); range 813 km (505 miles)
Load: None
Source: "The World's Greatest Aircraft" by Christopher Chant -- Crescent Books, 1991 Random House, New York (without permission)

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