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:: Arizona State University ::
College of Architecture & Environmental Design
School of Design
22 November 1999
AED 60 -- New Architecture Building
14:40 -- 15:30
DSC 121 Design Foundation (Graphic, Industrial, Interior) -- All sections

:: Semiotics ::
semiotics concerns the logic of relations (Charles Saunders Peirce)
semiotics is the logic of the vague (Nadin)
Greek origin 'sema' for mark or sign, and 'semeiotikos' which means observant of signs [click here for link to Semiotics text]

:: Idea generation & idea analysis ::
use to your advantage at the beginning to generate ideas and at the end of a project to analyze your final product

:: Language Interface ::
Object (product, merchandise, commodity, corporation, an event, an information)
Representamen (posters, ad, tools, pictures, TV commercial, package)
Interpretant (user/consumer, target or mass market audience)

:: Human Interface ::
Designer (graphic, industrial, interior)
Client (generate income for stockholders, corporation, manufacturer)
Audience (need: information, products, services, space restoration)

:: Sign ::
signs participate in a symbiotic relationship with language; through signs we are able to represent and interpret, and to develop knowledge and signification

:: Typology of Signs ::
Icon (direct: photo, drawing, b/w translation, most common)
Symbol (color red for danger, words, flag, letters [MK])
Index (indirect: smoke for fire, a finger print, indent on a tool handle)

:: Sign Operations ::

:: SuperSign ::
multiple signs working together (ad, billboard, TV commercial, website)

:: Parallax ::
the apparent displacement of an observed object due to the
difference between two points of view (Random House Dictionary)
A. From my perspective: I see a tetrahedron on top of a cube.
B. From your perspective: you see a triangle on a flat surface.

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