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Form Development
Hand form 3-D paper form Convex/cave Leaf form Bell pepper

At the start of the second semester the students begin their black and white studies with a series of object/form studies. They explore the abstract convex and concave form first. They examine positive and negative aspects in a series of five objects drawn by hand. The leaf form is selected from nature and by searching through books is next. The folded paper form is the third object created and drawn by the students. Finally, they investigate the bell pepper form. This series of form studies progresses from flat two dimensional forms through volumetric three dimensional forms. The idea is to communicate with simple shapes an object that is recognizable without shading or shadows. They apply these drawn forms to a stamp design project.

The students develop these hand skills, they are also organizing their notebooks, and developing other skills that are necessary in the professional design studio. We do not use the computer in these exercises. The sophomore year is entirely to complicated to introduce a sophisticated tool while they are learning basic design fundamentals. The students have plenty of time to learn the computer after acquiring these design skills.

Project analysis
The convex/concave form studies include the hand form, 3-D paper form, the convex/concave abstract form, the leaf articulation, and a bell pepper. Projects are designed to evaluate formal qualities in common objects. A pencil sketch is drawn by the students to familiarize them with the objects. During the translation process the form is simplified to its minimal elements. The consideration of black and white space is discussed at length.

It is the coming together of form and content that is the realization of design.
Paul Rand recorded during a taped interview with Michael Kroeger
(Tempe, Arizona; February 1995)

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