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Word Communication
Hot Cold Dry Wet

The students design black and white studies with a series of word communication problems designed to give meaning and content to their aesthetic problems. I assign simple word combinations such as hot or cold, wet or dry, and good or evil to the students. With cut or torn color paper the object is to express their individual ideas of these word pairs. This is a more subjective study than the interval projects. I introduce the idea of local color to the students; they are either be for the idea or oppose it. The designs should work together, and appear as if the same designer has put them together. Project analysis
The pairs of word communication projects are designed to have the students think in terms of design continuity. The groups of designs should appear to be from the same designer. A common problem with first year design students is this lack of thinking.

American (design) programs seem to fall into two broad categories: process schools and portfolio schools. Or, if you prefer, 'Swiss' schools and 'slick' schools.
Michael Bierut 'Looking Closer'
(New York, 1994; pg. 215)

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