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Computer Disk Project
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The final black and white project in the second semester is the computer disk assignment. The students learn how to apply their design foundation to the computer in the next year of their design education. They must combine the image of the computer disk with an idea of a company that would use high technology as part of their normal business application. The students must think about the logic of their choice of companies. The image or picture that they create must communicate something about its activity. They use forms relevant to the nature of a computer company.

The extreme size limitations of the application dictate the use of simple shapes and ideas. The format of the disk alerts the viewer of the high tech nature of the company and the image describes the operation. The formal elements do not take precedent over the communication of the idea. They develop the idea and form in tandem. The students search for information that communicates ideas about the company. These ideas are thoroughly tested with their teacher, fellow students, and other instructors.

This project is designed to help the students deal with design in a semi-real world environment. The summer after the sophomore year is the first possibility of an internship at a design studio. The students must think of themselves as professional designers as soon as possible. Their attitude is critical in the design process. The faster they mature, the sooner the designs become sophisticated.

Project analysis
I invented the computer disk project to initiate the students into the high tech world in the simplest way. The project begins with an analysis of the floppy disk. The disk is actually taken apart to be seen and measured. The disk is demystified by their awareness. The goal is to combine the disk and the concept of a modern company that would use high technology as part of its business. An image is realized by creating one sign from both ideas.

The process begins with an analysis of the disk. The students make a detailed mechanical drawing of the object. They note different functions and the various sizes of the object.

The idea develops with physical analysis. Here the student has chosen to explore computer and motion film technology. The ideas of motion and film sprockets are combined with the disk to form a logo for the hypothetical company.

They always talk of naturalism as being the opposite to modern painting. I would be interested to know whether anyone has ever seen a natural work of art. Nature and art are two entirely different things. They can never be identical.
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