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Design History
The design history study is very important for the education of the students. It gives them a sense of position in the business world.

A good book for reference is by Phil Meggs called 'A History of Graphic Design.' Another good book, however, difficult to find, is by Josef Müller-Brockmann called 'A History of Visual Communication'.

Since prehistoric times, people have searched for ways to give visual form to ideas and concepts, to store knowledge in graphic form, and to bring order and clarity to information. Over the course of history, these needs have been filled by various people including scribes, printers, and artists. It was not until 1922, when the outstanding book designer William Addison Dwiggins coined the term 'graphic design' to describe his activities as an individual who brought structural order and visual form to printed communications, that an emerging profession received an appropriate name.
Philip B. Meggs
('A History of Graphic Design', Van Nostrand Reinhold; 1983)

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