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Final Thoughts
I have taught graphic design full time at the university level since 1982. I have enjoyed teaching the sophomore level because the students learn so much that first year. The students are generally eager and enthusiastic when they begin. Some students determine early on if design is not their career choice. There is much hard work and long hours to develop their skills and talent. Many of my design students have gone on to work at prestigious design firms. I hope my contribution to the field of education has been significant. At times I have neglected my design career to spend time with the students. I hope it has been worthwhile for them.

The field of design education faces many perilous years ahead. The students encounter constant stress because of newer and higher technology. The pressure demands constant attention from the students. We must not forget that the basic design foundations the most valuable thing that we can give to beginning students. The most valuable thing that the design community can contribute is the experience of working in a studio as an intern. The students gain practical knowledge while gaining access to the professional world. I hope that the design community continues to aid in the future education of design students. Thank you.

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Thanks to all the students who have contributed work to this project over the years. The Visual Communication class is a co-requisite with the Letterform Design class taught by Thomas Detrie.

Michael Kroeger attended the University of Cincinnati in the Graphic Design Department (BSD), the Brissago Summer Workshop, and the Rhode Island School of Design (MFA).

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