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Graphic Design Education Fundamentals by Michael Kroeger

    Graphic design theoretical studies

Paul Rand: Graphic Designer by Michael Kroeger
    Link to book

Stephen Kroeger Paintings by Stephen Kroeger
    Link to paintings

Wolfgang Weingart Visible Language Project by Michael Kroeger
    Graphic Design workshop 1981 Brissago/Switzerland with Armin Hofmann
    July 6 - July 9; Typography, Instructor W. Weingart

Wolfgang Weingart at Ohio University by Michael Kroeger
    Appalachian Banquet for Weingart
    Weingart Lecture: From Research to Didactics

Carvin Guitar Kit by Michael Kroeger
    Solid-body guitar building
D-28 Martin Guitar Kit by Michael Kroeger
    Acoustic guitar building
Violin Display Case MSJ 2003 by Michael Kroeger
    Violin building and varnish
Blues Resomaster 2004 by Michael Kroeger
    Resonator (Dobro) Guitar Kit
Martin 000 2005 by Michael Kroeger
    Martin Guitar Kit

Michael Fanizza by Michael Kroeger
    In Memoriam

Sally McGinnis Monahan by Michael Kroeger
    In Memoriam

John C. McGinnis by Michael Kroeger
    In Memoriam

Cranbrook Academy of Art by Michael Kroeger
    2003 Art & Design Conference

ASU Design Lecture AED 60 by Michael Kroeger
    Faculty/Student Presentation

Bibliography by Michael Kroeger
    Graphic Design & typography bibliography

Paper Specifications by Michael Kroeger
    Paper terminology

File Formats by Michael Kroeger
    File format terminology

NYPD Blue by Michael Kroeger
    Slang terms

A Designer's Database by Michael Kroeger
    Various database information

Chair Lecture by Michael Kroeger
    Classroom Presentation

University of Advancing Technology Lecture by Michael Kroeger
    Faculty Presentation

Angela Herbold by Michael Kroeger
    Microsoft Product Manager

Conversion by Michael Kroeger

Roofs :: La Casa Rurale Nel Canton Ticino by Michael Kroeger
    Throughout the canton of Ticino...

Chess: Strategy and Tactics for Graphic Design by Michael Kroeger
    Chess and graphic design

Making Faces by Michael Kroeger
    Graduate thesis text from RISD

Graphic Design Classroom Lectures by Michael Kroeger
    Lecture sublist

Basic vs Applied Research in Graphic Design by Michael Kroeger
    Experimental investigation

Research Article Proposal by Michael Kroeger
    The purpose of the project is to consider the apparent conflict between formal, aesthetic, social and political, and contextual properties in graphic design and communication. The research has three phases.

Flash movie test by Michael Kroeger
    Flash 5.0a test MSJ 080502

Dynamic Symmetry by Thomas Detrie
    MSJ 2002

Confusion and Chaos: Seduction of Contemporary Design by Paul Rand
    From Cimabue (1240-1302) to Cassandre (1901-1968)

Semiotics: Principles in Action for the Graphic Designer by Thomas Ockerse
    The inherent nature of semiotics...

Two Myths about Design Education by Gordon Salchow
    That schools should avoid their own look and provide a broad education.

Perspectives on the Postwar Evolution of Graphic Design Education by Rob Roy Kelly
    There is no endeavor in the world that is more exhilarating...

Thoughts on the Poster by Armin Hofmann
    In the history of visual communication...

My Typographic Instruction at the Basle School of Design by Wolfgang Weingart
    With many thanks to all my students...

On Overcoming Modernism by Lorraine Wild
    What were you doing the day the newspapers...

April Greiman by Erfert Nielson
    Riding a New Wave

Big Book White Board Easels by Steve Kroeger
    Directions to construct your own


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