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by Michael Kroeger

skellum/skell = a rascal, rogue, knave

mope = to be sunk in listless apathy or dull dejection, said person

perp = perpetrator of a crime

vic = victim

DD5 or fives = after crime report with five NCR copies

poky room = lock-up, (of a place) small and cramped, a jail, caged area in the interview room to hold suspects during the investigation

"Shoot me through the grease" = a perp lying or giving false information

breaking shoes = giving a hard time

pain in the balls = someone that causes trouble

scumbag = a person regarded as despicable, (extra vile = "cheese eating scumbag")

whack job = a crazy person

whacked = murdered

DOA = dead on arrival

quarter feeling = not totally sure

rat's ass = lowest criminal element

drop a dime = call police with information

jones = drug withdrawal

do a solid = doing a good favor

"admit that he chumped me" = take advantage of someone

throwing shots = shooting at someone with a gun

"Would you give me some rhythm on my late fee" = Danny giving Diane a break on being late with videos (allegorical)

bag man = someone that picks up and delivers money or drugs

throwing a hump = sexual intercourse

"My appetite is back like I'm going to the chair" = Danny after he smoothed things out with Diane

"Looking at the world out of my window" = seeing things through Abner's perspective

taupe = "kinda like beige," a dark brownish gray, sometimes tinged with purple, yellow, or green

jackpot = being caught in a situation with bad consequences

mouthpiece = a lawyer, spokesman or public relation expert

shyster = a lawyer who uses unprofessional or questionable methods, in slang sense of shady, disreputable.

pros = prostitute; whore; harlot

john = someone who engages a prostitute

Murphy game = a hooker and pimp connive to rob a john during the act.

collar = arrested

canvas = cover/ask questions in the area immediately around a crime scene

fruitstand = gay bar

Danny Sorenson -- 9mm semi-automatic pistol
Andy Sipowicz -- .38 police special revolver

Diane Russell -- on leave of absence, 9mm pistol
Connie McDowell -- 9mm semi-automatic pistol

Greg Medavoy -- 9mm semi-automatic pistol
Baldwin Jones -- 9mm semi-automatic pistol

Lt. Author Fancy -- promoted to captain, 9mm pistol
Lt. Rodreguiz -- 9mm semi-automatic pistol

John -- PAA = Police Administrative Assistant

A.D.A. Valerie Haywood -- new assistant district attorney

lost time = making up for overtime work for personal matters

titty bar = topless strip club

"You done us a big solid." -- Andy to Lt. Fancy about the new woman Lt.

"She's a walking fist." -- Andy about the new woman replacement Lt.

House = the squad detective's station house

Lawyering up = obtaining legal council, all interogation must stop

DOA = dead on arrival, murdered or otherwise

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