Paul Rand: Conversations with Students
15 August 1914 -- 26 November 1996
by Michael Kroeger

Interview Wednesday 08 February 1995 -- 09:00 am

I studied with Paul Rand in Brissago, Switzerland in the summer of 1981. I was happy to talk with him briefly during his visit to Arizona State University in early February 1995. The topic were varied but we came back to design and an article I was working on at the time called Graphic Design Education Fundamentals.

Part of these talks had to do with graphic design, design philosophy and design education. The following excerpts are from these meetings.

My interview is now being published by Princeton Architectural Press in New York. It will be available February 2008. For more information on how to order a copy please contact PAP at

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Paul Rand:
Conversations with Students
Michael Kroeger
February 2008
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Conversations with Students
Michael Kroeger
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