Advertisements/Experimental Flash Movies
Zumbiel Ad Campaign
Zumbiel Ad Campaign
Zumbiel Ad Campaign
Zumbiel Ad Campaign
MCB Promotion
Soap & Detergent Assoc.
Windex Works
Flash MX "Star movie"
Flash MX "External Movie"
Flash MX "Mask Movies"
Flash MX "War on Terror"
Flash MX "Type Movie"
Flash CS6 "IK-Inverse Kinematics - Wrestlers"
Flash CS6 "IK-Inverse Kinematics - Red Bones"
Flash CC "The Hopping Dead"
Flash CS3 "27 Favorite Posters"
Flash CS3 "Paul Rand Quote"
Flash CS3 "Paul Rand Quote No. 2"
Flash CS3 "Happy Birthday, Steve K."
Flash CS3 "Antoine Predock"
Flash CS3 "Happy Birthday, Steve 56"
Flash CS3 "Happy Birthday, rateb-Steef 57"
Flash CS5 "Happy Birthday, ObitsuBody #58"
Flash CS5 "Happy Birthday, #59"
Flash CS6 "Happy Birthday, #60"
Flash CC "Happy Birthday, #61"
Avery Laughs


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