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Zumbiel Promotion :: 1980
I designed this ad while working at Liebel & Company in Cincinnati, Ohio.
The copy reads: STRONG and silent. Solid and enduring. Carefully formed, over the years, to withstand the constant demands. The marketplace, like the mountains, offers no shortcuts to the top. And success is reserved only for those strong ENOUGH TO MEET THE CHALLENGE.

Production notes:
Full color process printing insert.
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches.
Quantity: 1000
Art director/designer: Michael Kroeger Copywriter: Craig Liebel
Photographer: Bill Westheimer, Willow Overlook, Colorado
Client: Zumbiel Beverage Carriers, Cincinnati OH

S.D. Warren Company :: 07 May 1980
Dear Mr. Kroeger:
One of the things that kept my girl friend, Rosie Ruiz, and me going during the 10 feet or so that we ran in the Boston Marathon, is the knowledge that "out there" are people like Sherri Raizes, of our Cincinnati office, and Mr. Jeff Knoll, of Diem & Wing Paper Company, who periodically send us "good stuff" for the Warren Idea Exchange's Library.
The most recent "good stuff" is the graphically remarkable STRONG ENOUGH TO MEET THE CHALLENGE Zumbiel promotion. A great job of design and printing. Glad to have them for the Library. Thank you!
Very truly yours,

William Russell Burns, Jr.
Director, Idea Exchange

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