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Soap and Detergent Association
I was the art director for this 30 second Public Service Announcement while working at Liebel & Company in Cincinnati.
Voice over:
(visual -- woman in laundry room)
Oh...That Grime is a Crime.
The Oils...And Soils.
Today's products aren't formulated like yesterday' sure to read the directions.

(visual -- small child at tea party)
And you...madam?
Your friends have some questions about the quality of your laundry?
Well the answers are right on the package itself. For best results...follow the directions.

(visual -- bachelor with socks)
A little think?
For better looking...longer lasting the directions.
A public service announcement from The Soap & Detergent Association.

Production notes:
Full color video
Size: :30 seconds, Color, S.O.F.
Quantity: for broadcast
Art director/designer: Michael Kroeger
Copywriter: Craig Liebel
Client: The Soap and Detergent Association

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