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Dynamic Symmetry:
Design Connections from Nature to our Built World
Learning from Mentors I Never Met: Bradbury Thompson

Thomas Detrie, Professor Emeritus | Arizona State University | 20 Nov 2002
Art Department
College of Mount Saint Joseph
Cincinnati OH 22 Nov 2002
Junior Seminar (G.Salchow)
University of Cincinnati DAAP
Cincinnati OH

Graphic designers give the visual form to ideas through formmaking. Formmaking calls for proficient machine and manual skills, and engages critical thinking and decision making. Results grow to maturity with guidance from experience, intuition, and visual principles. It is highly useful to build these personal components into a work process. Further, a documented work process is useful to support individual decisions in today's team-based workplace.

Prof Detrie follows precepts that stress the value of using personal knowledge resources, cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary awareness, and learning more about human perception and mentation to solve human problems more effectively. 'We are born with innate design potential because of our connection to natural order and our figure-based perceptual system. We do not add design topics into our world. Instead, we grow design potential from our internal nucleus. Viewer connection is an event. The viewer connects with visual form when we prepare the formal visual context to engage the viewer's perceptual response. While the message may be external, communication results when the meaning forms internally in the viewer.'

The presentation content forms three parts. Part 1 is about our connection to the natural world through perception. Prof Detrie discusses visual perception in the context of the Gestalt principles of visual organization. Part 2 discusses the visual connection of Botany's growth spiral (phyllotaxis) to mathematics' equiangular spiral. The visual link of the phyllotaxis to the Golden Section made it useful to solve visual composition problems through Dynamic Symmetry. Part 3 presents the work of Bradbury Thompson to show ideas, and visual principles applied in context.

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